Boulder- "course"...

Have you heard about bouldering? But you don't understand what it is? Is bouldering what you want to try? But you don'know how? 

I can offer you a first orientation about all skills you need for becoming a boulderer -knowledge about the boulder-rocks, the different climbing techniks and the common levels.

I can inspire you, to find out, witch possibilities of movement are in your body.

I can help you to find your own bolder-way. 

Bouldering with Internal-Flight is bouldering from human to human, personally, with respect and sensitivity for you, simply and clear. Your learning process is my learning process. 

Bouldering with Internal Flight ist especially also for you, when you don't want to join a regular course, because you don't feel good in a class with others or because you feel scared (for example about a strong theoretical teaching style  or about pressure to succeed) What ever is your handicap I work with you on an empathic, respectfull and positiv supporting way. 





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