When the stone speaks to you

Behind Internal-Flight are two people who have been united by different deserts and the tendency to look at the world primarily from the inside. - The search for answers to our inner questions led us to that place, that desert.

Paradoxically, at exactly that desert place in the Sahara where expectations were the least likely to find answers, my way, the way of climbing, was born. And very near and yet far, in the wilderness of Sinai, was that person whose way was born in the sense of silence. The coincidence of these paths should enrich the lives of both.


Dialogue with the other in context with climbing

Encountering someone else can be an enrichment or an oppression. This also applies to climbing. Not all have the same motivation, goals or motivations. Some of these goals, reasons or motivations, along with their formal appearance and message, can also cause anxiety. Then there is a need to seek harmony. - Internal-Flight should appeal to people who are themselves called by the "spirit of the desert" or by that individual spirit that stands for simplicity, depth and lightness and it is for people who seek support to transfer those elements to the rock.


My courses are based on an orientation in the world of bouldering and on the common search for the beauty of movement.


What Internal-Flight's online-shop offers?

Internal-Flight offers skin care / ointment for anyone, especially for climbers. Moreover we offer simple jewelry, inspired by bouldering in its style, and intended to appeal to people who are looking for something that is close to them and that allow themselves to be touched by beauty.